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Inspection and Maintenance

Inspection and Maintenance Information:

The fiberscope is a delicate instrument which should be handled carefully. It is recommended that the prime user instruct the users in each facility on how to care for the instrument and its components and fragile areas. Daily inspection is highly recommended, checking for the condition of your image fibers, light guide cable and angulation. Recording the condition of the instrument before and after use can assist you in keeping up with proper care and maintenance.

Inspecting Machida Borescopes:

  1. Looking through eyepiece look for broken fibers (black dots)
  2. Check for light, holding light cable to any light source and look for light transmission at the other end of the scope.
  3. Check for angulation, holding scope tube straight try to angulate scope. It should deflect straight 120 degree up and down.
  4. Look for any indentation marks on insertion tube.
  5. Check side view adapter and head cap. Screw on adapter and look through eyepiece, you should get clear view no shadow.
  6. Check for proper light guide adapter
  7. Check for serial number for correct records.
  8. Check for missing part from scope such as screws, knobs, adapters, pins etc.
  9. Check for broken vinyl, tears on insertion tube
  10. Scope must store or ship in proper case or packing

Inspecting Machida Light Sources:

  1. Look for burnout lamp or fuse
  2. Look for fan noise
  3. Intensity knob should work properly
  4. Proper power cable or power supply should be used

Inspecting Machida Light Sources:

  • The only way to inspect these is to put it together and see if any component is not working properly. If so follow the instructions for trouble shooting.

Standard Cleaning Procedure:

Should cleaning your borescope become necessary, we suggest that the flexible insertion tube be wiped down with a mild soap or detergent. Gently sponge off the soapy residue with lukewarm water and dry. Remember at all times to avoid stretching the outer cover. The distal tip may be wiped down with 30% alcohol, if desired.


  • Some cleaning detergents/solutions may be too strong for cleaning the soft outer cover. If you are in doubt as to the type of cleaning agent to use, contact Machida.
  • Do not immerse the control unit or light guide plug
  • Do not inject or suction fluids of any type through the working channel without first consulting Machida.
  • Do not clean borescopes manufactured with a stainless steel mesh outer cover.
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