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Machida Inc is proud to announce the launch of the new 3mm Videoscope with the ability to switch White Light to Ultraviolet (UV) Light from the ergonomically designed handle. 

This newest addition to our videoscope line offers a small diameter with a waterproof outer cover, dual light (UV & White Light), two-way articulation, and pairs with our DPU 7-7070.

Use with our C Series Channel Videoscopes to apply your dye penetrant, switch your scopes, and start your UV Inspection.  Our UV light is as strong as 3600 microwatts/cm2 at 40mm distance.  The auto light feature ensures that there is no bleaching of the dye.

Contact us today to learn more about this one of a kind, state of the art, video borescope. 


3mm Videoscope - UV Video Borescope - VSC-3-100UV 

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  • White Light to UV Light 
  • Waterproof Outer Cover
  • Video Recording and Playblack
  • Stunning Digital Images
  • Programmable Settings
  • Automatic Focus
  • Automatic Light
  • Full Screen Presentation
  • Gain Control
  • Dynamic HD Image Enhancement
  • One-Touch, Portable SD Card Archiving
  • Archived Image Review/Playback
  • Image Freeze with Picture-in-Picture
  • White Balance Control
  • Screen Brightness Control
  • Light Intensity Controls
  • Image Orientation Control


  • Working Length: 100cm 
  • Outer Diameter: 3mm
  • 2 Way Angulation: Up/Down 150°
  • Depth of Field: 3mm-50mm
  • Field of View Straight: 90°
  • Image Sensor: 1/15 Color CCD
  • UV: 3600 μW/cm2 (nominal)
  • White Light: <2ft Candles 


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