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"Still On The Cutting Edge" - HAI 2016
Insight  - MHM Publication

Machida Inc is very excited to display the best in aviation at Heli Expo 2016 next week!

As noted in our HAI Press Release, we will have an interactive engine display paired up with some of the best borescope equipment in the industry today. 

Insight Magazine, a publication by MHM Publishing, shares the best in cutting edge helicopters, helicopter support, and tooling.  We are proud to apart of this influential magazine for this years Heli-Expo edition. 

The article "Still On The Cutting Edge" written by James Careless shares our message and innovation.  

We hope you have the opportunity to read this years HAI Insight Magazine  and visit us at HAI 2016!

We thank you our customers for letting us continue to support this every growing market. 

The knowledgeable Machida staff cannot wait to see you at HAI 2016 Booth 6546! 

Thank you again to MHM Publishing for this wonderful write up. 


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