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Working Channel Borescopes (C Version)

Working channel borescopes also known as FOD prevention fiberscopes are designed for the detection, retrieval, and prevention of FOD in engines. They permit the passage of tools through the borescope control body to the distal tip for performing inspections and physical tasks at the examination site.

Such tasks may include probing, scraping, brushing, grasping, suction, spraying, irrigation, and material retrieval. Machida offers a complete line of working channel tools.

The “C Version” borescope kit consists of: a flexible borescope, rubber eyepiece shield, Machida light guide plug adapter, and a carrying case.

Available Models and Specs (.pdf)

FOD Prevention Kit (.pdf)

Product Details

Model: C Version


  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Assortment of Working Channel Tools
  • Ideal for FOD Prevention


  • Diameters: 6.3mm-12.5mm
  • Working Lengths: 60cm-600cm
  • Angulation: Up/Down 100° – 120°
    Up/Down/Left/Right 90° - 120°
  • Channel ID: 2.2mm-2.6mm

Standard Kit Contains:

  • Dimensions:13x12x6 inches
  • Weight: 13 Pounds

Available Accessories:


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