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Standard Series Flexible Borescopes

Machida has developed a line of Standard Flexible Borescopes with a number of important features normally found only in custom design instruments. The three standard models are small diameter modular (MBS), knob type, and slim lever. Each covers a multitude of needs and applications. Common to all three body types are specific controls and built-in features for distal tip angulation (articulation), light guides, eyepiece focusing, angle braking and photography, plus accommodations for various scope diameters and borescope lengths.

Modular Type

For borescopes 0.6mm to 2.0mm in diameter. This is Machida’s smallest body type.

Slim Lever Type

For borescopes 1.5mm to 6mm in diameter. Angulation in two directions. Machida’s most widely used body type includes high quality optics and illumination.

Knob Type

Used primarily with 8mm and 11mm insertion tubes. With four way angulation. Particularly suited to longer borescope lengths of up to 20 feet, this is Machida’s largest body type.

We are proud to be labeled the “custom borescope people.” To request more information on our custom design borescopes please contact us or request a custom flexible borescope quotation.

The standard series flexible borescope kit consists of: a flexible borescope, rubber eyepiece shield, Machida light guide plug adapter, and a carrying case.

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