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Side View Borescopes (T Version)

In certain areas, you would not be able to bend the distal end of the scope and would like to look at 90° or a right angle. For these instances, you would need a fiberscope with a prism or mirror. There are two types available. One with a permanent side view and the t-versionsecond with a detachable side view adapter. The Machida Side View Borescope (T Version) comes with a detachable side view adapter. Offering high resolution and customizable lengths, “T Version” borescopes are affordable and easy to use. They are portable and ideal for field use.

The “T Version” borescope kit consists of: a flexible borescope, rubber eyepiece shield, Machida light guide plug adapter, carrying case, 90° side view prism attachment, and a protective cap. Some engines may require a guide tube, purchased separately.

The most common Lateral / Direct View Flexible Borescope is model FBA-4-120T. It is ideal for use with all Honeywell, Turbomeca Engines, Rolls Royce Specy, Dart, Tay, Allision 250, Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6, PW100, PW150, PW300, PW500, PW600, PW500, and GE CT-7, CF-700, C-610, CJ-610, and CF-34.

  • Outer Diameter: 4.8mm
  • Working Length: 120cm
  • Angulation (Up/Down): 120°

Additional Standard Models and Specs (.pdf)

Product Details

Model: T Version


  • Affordable and Easy to Use
  • Portable
  • High Resolution
  • Customizable Lengths
  • Ideal for Field Use


  • Diameters: 4.8mm-12.5mm
  • Working Lengths: 30cm-600cm
  • Angulation: Up/Down 100

Standard Kit Contains:

  • Flexible Borescope
  • Rubber Eyepiece Shield
  • Machida Light Guide Plug Adapter
  • Carrying Case
  • 90

Available Accessories:


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