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Flexible Borescopes

Flexible borescopes are precision optical instruments that utilize bunches of finely spun glass fibers to carry light and images. They transmit images of areas inaccessible to the naked eye and are generally used in area where tortuous bends or curves necessitate a flexible device.

Machida’s unique capability to manufacture borescopes to customer specifications has resulted in a large number of customized instruments in the field. Because of the accelerating advance and complexity of world technology, borescope users are and will increasingly be demanding custom features, a need Machida is in a unique position to satisfy. Machida has earned its world reputation because of a willingness to analyze customer applications, design and create prototypes, and manufacture instruments in any quantities from one to a hundred or more.


Machida Borescope Models

Battery Operated Borescope System (FBA-4B-100P / MCV-510S)

Originally designed specifically for the helicopter engine market, battery operated borescopes offer a portable feature to allow for easier, faster inspections in a variety of fields. Scopes can be connected to a light source or a portable LED battery operated light source. It can be utilized with video...[Read More...]

Knob Type Borescope

Machida’s largest body type is particularly suited to longer borescope lengths up to 20 feet. The most outstanding feature of the smooth knob type scope is the huge, high definition images you’ll be able to achieve. Its lightweight structure and flexible maneuverability make this a super functional...[Read More...]

Side View Borescopes (T Version)

In certain areas, you would not be able to bend the distal end of the scope and would like to look at 90° or a right angle. For these instances, you would need a fiberscope with a prism or mirror. There are two types available. One with a permanent side view and the second with a detachable side view...[Read More...]

Slim Lever Borescope

Machida’s most widely used body type includes high quality optics and illumination. With professional care, the rugged cast aluminum construction will last a lifetime. The Slim Lever Type Scopes are available in diameters from 1.5mm to 6.0mm and can be customized. The smooth two-way angulation is excellent...[Read More...]

Small Diameter Modular Borescopes (MBS)

Machida’s smallest body type, these borescopes are available in diameters as small as 0.6mm up to 2.0mm in diameter. Four semi-flexible probe models and five flexible probe models are available. They are versatile, field replaceable, and economical. Semi-flexible fiber probes are available in 60cm...[Read More...]

Working Channel Borescopes (C Version)

Working channel borescopes also known as FOD prevention fiberscopes are designed for the detection, retrieval, and prevention of FOD in engines. They permit the passage of tools through the borescope control body to the distal tip for performing inspections and physical tasks at the examination site. Such...[Read More...]

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