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Machida offers a wide variety of borescope kits desgined with and approved by engine manufactures.  All of our engine inspection borescopes are interchangable with our DPU 7-7070.

We offer specialized kits for:

GE Engines
Pratt & Whitney Engines (P&W)
Pratt & Whitney Canada Engines (PWC)
Rolls-Royce Engines (RR)
Honeywell Engines
Turbomeca Engines
Allison Gas Turbines
Pratt & Whitney Power Engines
International Aero Engines (IAE)

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          Listed below is a sampling of some of our engine manufacture approved kits.

Pratt & Whitney Canada Approved Engine Kits 

With our years of working directly with Pratt & Whitney we offer borescope kits that are approved by Pratt & Whitney Canada and proudly wear their kit numbers. Listed below is some of the many options we offer for your Pratt & Whitney Engine.


4mm Engine Inspection Kits

Approved for engine use, we offer 4mm Video Borescope and Fiberscope Options suited for your inspection needs. Our newest edition the VSC-4-140-NLT offers both straight view and sideview. 



FOD Prevention Kits

One of the only borescopes with this feature.  We offer Video Borescope & Fiberscope options with a working channel which allows for FOD Retrevial. 

FOD Prevention Kit





Blending Borescope Kits - Bore Blend

Machida Inc is proud to offer approved engine manufacture kits for on wing blending (bore blending) for  GE,  Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls Royce Engines.

Borescope blending allows the maintenance professional to go into the borescope ports and repair damaged blades on wing by filing out impact damage from FOD Strikes. 


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