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Working Channel Tool

Working channel tools permit passage of operating instruments through the borescope from the control body to the distal tip. The purpose is to perform physical tasks at the examination site. Such tasks may include probing, scraping, brushing, grasping, suction, spraying, irrigation, and material retrieval.

Cleaning Brush

Should there be a need to clear away debris or dust from the area to be inspected; this accessory may be passed through the channel to prepare the area for inspection.

Crocodile Forceps, Retrieval Basket, & Four-Prong Retriever

These tools may be used when retrieval of loose nuts, bolts, screws, etc. is necessary.


This accessory may be used for scraping away corrosion from the inspection area.


This accessory can be used when removal of a large foreign object is necessary.

Teflon Tube

This accessory is used for irrigation or dye penetrants. No fluids should enter the working channel unless the Teflon tube is inserted first. All Fluids should be injected through this Teflon tubing to avoid unnecessary repairs to the borescope.

Tool Length
*50cm Increments
Channel Size
Crocodile Forceps 100-250cm*
2.6mm Only
Crocodile Forceps 300 or 350cm (118.11-137.80in) 2.6mm Only
Corocodile Forceps, Grasping Forceps, Retrieval Basket, Snare, Scraper 650cm
Grasping Forceps, Retrieval Basket, Snare, Scraper 100-250cm*
2.6mm or 2.2mm (.102in or .087in)
Grasping Forceps, Retrieval Basket, Snare, Scraper 300 or 350cm (118.11-137.80in) 2.6mm or 2.2mm (.102in or .087in)

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