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Camera Adapters

With a camera adapter, you can adapt a 35mm SLR or Video Camera to a borescope and get a picture slide or videotape for your permanent record.

35mm SLR Camera with Lens and Adapter
Model: AR-W Adapter Ring to Adapt Wolf Camera To Machida Scope
Model: CA-II-52 Adapter Ring for 59mm Diameter Lens (Snap-On)
Model: CA-II Adapter Ring for 52mm Diameter Lens (Snap-On)
Model: RS-49 Adapter Ring for Standard Rigid Scopes to 49mm Lens
Model: AR-RS Adapter Ring for Machida Eyepiece to Standard Rigid 32mm
Model:RS-MA Adapter Ring for Standard Rigid Scopes to Machida Eyepiece
Model: W-MA Adapter to Convert Wolf Style Eyepiece to Machida Style Eyepiece

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