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Battery Packs

Replacement battery packs are available for use with battery operated borescopes and the RH-24N light source.

The Machida LED Portable Battery Light Source Set, model 07-3053, is for use with Machida’s line of Battery Operated Borescopes. The complete set includes a battery handle, two rechargeable batteries, and a portable battery charging unit.

The 07-3053 has a small build (89mm x 25mm) and a typical LED life of 50,000 hours. LED (Light Emitting Diode) based illumination provides bright, white light for excellent remote inspections. Fully charged, this unit can operate for 60 minutes on a single battery. The two rechargeable batteries allow for the unit to be battery operated while a spare is being charged. Attached to Machida’s Battery Operated Borescope Series, this unit provides a long lasting, high quality answer to your portable inspection needs.

Model:   BP-24N Battery Pack for RH-24N
Model: 07-3050 Replacement Portable Battery Operated Light Source
Model: 07-3051 Replacement Battery Charger
Model: 07-3052 Rechargeable Batteries (2)
Model: 07-3053 Portable Battery Operated Light Source Set - Battery Handle, Two Batteries, and Charger

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