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Arms and clamps are available to mount borescopes for ease of inspection.

Battery Packs

Replacement battery packs are available for use with battery operated borescopes and the RH-24N light source.

Camera Adapters

With a camera adapter, you can adapt a 35mm SLR or Video Camera to a borescope and get a picture slide or videotape for your permanent record.


35mm SLR Cameras can be adapted to a borescope to obtain a picture slide or videotape for your permanent record.

Carrying Cases

Carrying cases are available to help transport equipment safely.

Guide Tubes

Depending on individual customer specifications, guide tubes are available in stainless steel or flexible tubing with distal articulation.


Replacement lamps are available for use with Machida light sources.


Two types of lenses go into the head set piece. One is the cover glass or windshield glass for protection. The second is the objective lens. The objective lens is glued to the small pipe with the iris in the front, and then glued into the head set piece. Following this, an image bundle with another lens glued onto it will be inserted into the pipe as well.

Light Guide Cables

This is the long cable portion of the scope which extends from the body of the control unit to the light guide plug, housing the light guide fibers. Most of the light guide is enclosed inside the insertion tube, but about five feet of the light guide that comes out from the body of the fiberscope needs protection.

Light Guide Plug Adapters

The light guide plug has been designed to insure ease of use. The standard Machida sleeve can easily be replaced with a separate optional sleeve to permit use of this instrument with other manufacturers

Light Sources

All Machida standard borescopes have built-in fiber optic light guides which call for reliable sources of cold white or other light. Light sources are a reliable source of light for effective illumination of the field of view and are essential to the use of a flexible borescope.

Ocular Accessories

The end of the borescope probe contains the ocular lens system, which presents the virtual image of the object to the observer. Machida offers an ocular piece for the small diameter modular borescopes and rubber eyecup shields.

Side View Adapters

Detachable side view adapter permits changes in the direction of view and is available for borescope diameters 4.0mm to 11.0mm.

Video Systems

Video inspection systems allow multiple viewers to participate in an inspection while also permitting accurate, transferable documentation.

Working Channel Tools

Working channel tools permit passage of operating instruments through the borescope from the control body to the distal tip. The purpose is to perform physical tasks at the examination site. Such tasks may include probing, scraping, brushing, grasping, suction, spraying, irrigation, and material retrieval.

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