Over 40 Years of Industry Experience

Machida continues to be a major innovative force in the field of  borescopic and videoscope technology. Many of today’s standards began as Machida’s custom developments. Our proucts range from small diameter scopes, fiber borescopes, videoscopes, and custom scopes. 

Some of our features include:
  • Easy to use
  • Portability
  • Hi-Resolution Optics
  • Engine Manufacture Approved Inspection Kits
  • Customizable lengths
  • FOD Removal Scopes
  • Durable outer cover

  Listed below is some of our most innovative products.  Click the links or images below to learn more. 


Flexible Borescopes 

Flexible borescopes are precision optical instruments that utilize bunches of finely spun glass fibers to carry light and images. They transmit images of areas inaccessible to the naked eye and are generally used in area where tortuous bends or curves necessitate a flexible device.




Machida’s Videoscopes boast incredibly small outer diameters and remarkable HD quality images and video. With a choice of features, and diameters, these scopes are useful in a number of applications.


Blending Borescope - Bore Blending

Machida Inc is proud to offer approved engine manufacture kits for on wing blending (bore blending) for  GE,  Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls Royce Engines.

Borescope blending allows the maintenance professional to go into the borescope ports and repair damaged blades on wing by filing out impact damage from FOD Strikes. 





Rigid Borescopes

Machida, Inc. offers a large selection of high quality rigid borescopes and custom rigid borescope kits. With assorted lengths and diameters ranging from 1.5mm to 12mm, we are sure to have one that will fit your inspection requirements.



Tablet & Laptop Scope

Take photos and videos of your inspection on your PC or taplet.  This light weight video option allows the operator to move easily between inspections. The Machida VSC-1.9-100-N is our low cost video option that offers high priced features. The VSC-1.9-100-N is perfect for inspecting smaller inspection areas including various casting inspections. 

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