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 Machida Inc, MRO Americas Booth 1850, will have several newly designed and innovative products on  display for the first time at MRO America’s 2015.   Our newest innovation, the new DPU 7-7070 Digital  Processor with HD Video Recording will be paired alongside the new  2.4mm Diameter Videoscope (VSC-2.4- 100-N) which boasts a remarkably small diameter, LED Technology, and two way articulation (Up/Down 140°).

 Our scope and processor combo hails over  12 standard and new features including stunning photos, video  recording in high-definition, easy to use software, picture-in-picture, new updated zoom features, and portable  image archiving that can be saved and shared via an SD Card.  This digital processing unit with a 10” monitor  comes compact in a rugged portable pelican case and can be paired with any of our scopes from our  extensive videoscope line, including  the engine manufacture’s approved 3mm Diameter, VSC-3-140-NL, on  display at MRO 2015.   

 Also on display with the DPU 7-7070, Machida’s state-of-the-art FOD Retrieval Tool Kits, and On Wing Power  Blending Borescope Kits.  Come experience our easy to use FOD Retrieval Crocodile Forceps, Grasping  Forceps, and Retrieval Basket with our 6mm Working Channel Scope.  We will also have engine manufacture  approved Richard Wolf and Machida Inc., High Power Blending Borescopes on display for you to use which  allows for on wing blending. Our Blending Scope & FOD Retrieval options allow for these maintenance  procedures to be done with the engine on wing saving thousands in operational costs.  

 We will also be showcasing our newest portable LED light source with our FBA-4B-100P, 4mm Fiberscope.  This new lightweight and compact light source option provides hours of inspection time and its lightweight  design helps eliminate user fatigue.

 Do not miss out on the opportunity to experience our equipment firsthand at Booth 1850 at MRO  America’s 2015 and speak with our knowledgeable representatives. 

 About Machida Inc
 Machida Inc has been an industry leader of borescopes, videoscopes and custom scopes for over 40 years.  Our primary focus is working with engine manufactures, and providing the aviation market with high quality  scopes that inspect hard to reach areas while remaining easy to use and limiting user fatigue. We pride  ourselves on our competitive product catalog and our ability to design and create custom scopes to the needs  of the client. Visit us at MRO America’s Booth 1850 or online WWW.MACHIDASCOPE.COM  

 Contact us with any questions Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm EST
 Phone: 1-845-365-0600 or 1-800-431-5420

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