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New 4mm Videoscope with Detachable Side View
Machida Inc is proud to announce the launch of the new 4mm Videoscope with Detachable 90° Side View to our product line...



Blending Scopes - Bore Blending
Machida Inc offers solutions for blending out FOD Strikes to your compressor blades.  Engine manufacture approved and tested...

New DPU 7-7070 Processor with Video Recording
Some of the features for our new DPU 7-7070 include: Easy to use plug and play system, Video Recording, Stunning Digital Still Images...



2.4mm Videoscope with DPU 7-7070 Processor
The VSC-2.4-100N come complete with our new DPU 7-7070, rugged 10.4” inch monitor designed for portability...


1.9mm Videoscope with Tablet
The VSC-1.9-100N is our 1.9mm small diameter video borescope with a super flexible insertion tube paired with...


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